Content: King or Dictator?

Content is king…but content production is the evil dictator of your content marketing process.

Like a great leader, compelling content can inspire the masses to take action. That’s the upside of great content.

Like an evil, oppressive dictator, your content production process can stifle creativity and bring despair to the people of your organization.

It starts with enthusiasm and a democracy of shared ideas, but it can quickly devolve into the dark pits of departmental politics, compliance issues, draft approvals (or denials) and bad input from people who just don’t get it. Any of these can derail the process.

It sounds extreme, but it happens to businesses of all types and sizes.

So how do you overthrow the dictator?

You can only deal with oppressive content production conditions for so long before you have to revolt. Here are the general guidelines to help you overthrow your content production dictator and make your content the beloved king it deserves to be:

Set the objective: Establish it before creating any content so everyone understands the “why”. Seek inspiration:

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Content Management Services

Need a content manager for your company’s website?

Johnny Website is your go-to guy for content management as well as content production services.

A content manager coordinates the various types of updates for your website. He or she comes with standard skill features such as copywriting, editing, search engine optimization, HTML, CSS. This mix of writing and technical savvy is a key component in your success. If you have a a staff of content producers who need to get their stuff up on the company website in a timely manner, the content manager becomes their single point of contact.

Why else would a content manager be useful? One benefit of having a content manager is that you don’t have to train everyone on your staff on how to use the website or CMS. Not everyone is comfortable with HTML, CSS, SEO and the other technical elements and features of your website that change constantly.

Instead, your staff can keep their focus on producing content rather than haggling with technology.

Quality and consistency Another benefit is that a …

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The case for social media by Johnny Website.

A Case for Social Media

You may be the classic “no, I don’t do social networks,” person who wants nothing to do with social media for your personal life, but if you run a business, abstaining from social media is not really an option anymore. You need to have a presence across the major social media sites like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and (possibly) several others that might make sense for your company.

The main reason is to have and to maintain as much control as possible. Some of the more specific reasons include:

Customer service and public relations

Even if you’re a local business that’s been around for years and you’ve gotten along fine without social media all this time, the fact is, your customers will bring your business into social media one way or another whether you like it or not. Maybe a bad review or two won’t hurt your business that much, but if all your reviews tend to …

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Google Plus Cover Photo Template

Google Plus Cover Photo Template (2013)

I just did a quick change of my Johnny Website cover photo on Google+, so I thought I’d help you out a bit with a Photoshop template for the image complete with a (hopefully accurate) safe area.

If you check out my Google+ profile, you can see that Google will overlay the logo image and your profile info along with a few other things over the bottom portion of your image. The attached template denotes what should be the safe zone. If you find it to be off, just leave me a comment or email me with the details and I’ll tweak the template. Hopefully this will save you a bit of time.

There’s also a PNG of the template contained in the .zip folder, too, just in case.

(.zip file with a PSD and PNG included)

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