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Need a content manager for your company’s website?

Johnny Website is your go-to guy for content management as well as content production services.

A content manager coordinates the various types of updates for your website. He or she comes with standard skill features such as copywriting, editing, search engine optimization, HTML, CSS. This mix of writing and technical savvy is a key component in your success. If you have a a staff of content producers who need to get their stuff up on the company website in a timely manner, the content manager becomes their single point of contact.

Why else would a content manager be useful?
One benefit of having a content manager is that you don’t have to train everyone on your staff on how to use the website or CMS. Not everyone is comfortable with HTML, CSS, SEO and the other technical elements and features of your website that change constantly.

Instead, your staff can keep their focus on producing content rather than haggling with technology.

Quality and consistency
Another benefit is that a high level of quality and consistency can be maintained across all the pages of the site. If you’ve ever experienced the “too many hands in the cookie jar” issue, you can appreciate why this can quickly lead to a variety of problems. Even the best and most reliable CMS is subject to trouble when multiple people use it.

The content manager can coordinate and maintain the content contributors, the content schedule and provide tracking data and other helpful knowledge to help improve the content and make it more effective.

A content manager also serves as the liaison between your company’s much more technically-minded IT staff or website vendors and your content production team (the writers, marketing people and PR staff).

Level up with SEO
Having a constant stream of new content is immensely important for your website. But search engine optimization helps you take that content to a new level, resulting in more traffic and more conversions. On-page optimizations such as well-written title and description tags, for example, will always be necessary, but even the best content producers don’t know the constantly changing ins and outs of SEO. A well-understood and executed SEO strategy can pay off in significant long term traffic for your website. . . and your content manager can be the person that helps you get it there.

Let an experienced professional help you take your website to new heights! Contact Johnny Website today for pricing and more information.

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