Shift Your Thinking from SEO to Content Marketing

The shift from SEO to Content Marketing has happened.

As someone who came into the SEO/online marketing world as a copywriter in 2000, I’ve been a big believer in using quality content as the basis for any online marketing efforts. I’ve preached that point, ad nauseam, to colleagues and clients for years. After all, search engines like Google have said all along that they want the same thing that any real person wants: quality content that’s useful for actual people as opposed to keyword-stuffed pages meant for search engines.

In the past year or so, Google has taken additional steps such as the Panda and Penguin updates to weed out some of the ne’er do-wells who use link farms and loads of unnatural backlinks to try to make a website rank better. More changes like that are coming. For many years, the thinking was that more backlinks equated to higher rankings. It did work, but not so much anymore. Quality linking is still important, but the way …

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Facebook Graph Search Optimization

Facebook Graph Search Optimization

GSO or FGO – Who Knows?

Right at this moment (January 16, 2013), the Facebook Graph Search isn’t really a fully baked thing yet for the masses of Facebook users. Once it is, rest assured, there will be people like me trying to figure out the best (white hat) ways to conduct what I am going to call “GSO” (Graph Search Optimization) or maybe “FGO” for Facebook Graph Optimization. Hopefully one of these will stick! Facebook has also suggested a few tips for how a business may optimize for better results.

If you have a small business with a Facebook page, certain things will need to be done to help ensure your page’s visibility in the results of those searches. Things like check-ins and accurate location data, not to mention reviews, comments and other info will also become part of the mix. Of course, each business will have its own challenges (multiple locations, type of business, etc.). So basically. . .stay tuned for more on this!

What’s more fun to talk about is …

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Custom and Stock Photography now available from Johnny Website Productions!

Stock Photography for Websites

Do you need stock photography for your website? I know a guy. . .

One of the most frustrating parts about doing website design is not having any cool visuals with which to work. And too often, the stock photo websites either don’t have just the right image you want or they have the same images that everyone else already has. That’s no fun! But I guess that’s why they call it “stock” photography.

Sometimes it’s just better to have custom photos to use on your website. Not only can we capture some great photos that fit your site perfectly, but they can also be used in other marketing collateral for you and/or your business. Quality photos can add a great touch to your website.

And if you’re a web designer looking for specialized photos – contact me and we’ll see what we can do. If you’re going to shell out the cash for stock photos, you may as well get the shots you really want to use in your design, right?

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Compelling Copy Converts Customers

You can spend all the money you want on search engine optimization, online marketing, press releases and cool website designs, but if your site has poorly written copy that doesn’t make people want to be your customers, then what’s the point?

It’s like fishing without hooks.

You want customers, don’t you? You want them to click or to take action in some way, don’t you?

And just like with fishing, there are two main components that make an online marketing campaign successful.

Part One: Attract the Fish. You can use all types of bait and presentation tactics to get the fish to come to you. You can even use high-tech toys to find the fish and go to them. You’re working to put yourself in the best position near the fish that you ultimately hope to catch, which brings us to the second part. . .

Part Two: Hook the Fish. You’ve spent all the time, energy and money to find the fish and to help the fish find you. Now that they’re here and ready …

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