Compelling Copy Converts Customers

You can spend all the money you want on search engine optimization, online marketing, press releases and cool website designs, but if your site has poorly written copy that doesn’t make people want to be your customers, then what’s the point?

It’s like fishing without hooks.

You want customers, don’t you? You want them to click or to take action in some way, don’t you?

And just like with fishing, there are two main components that make an online marketing campaign successful.

Part One: Attract the Fish.
You can use all types of bait and presentation tactics to get the fish to come to you. You can even use high-tech toys to find the fish and go to them. You’re working to put yourself in the best position near the fish that you ultimately hope to catch, which brings us to the second part. . .

Part Two: Hook the Fish.
You’ve spent all the time, energy and money to find the fish and to help the fish find you. Now that they’re here and ready to bite, all you have to do is get them in the boat.

So how do we hook these fish?

We entice them. We make them feel as if there is no other option for them but the one staring them right in the face. We flip that switch that makes them act.

Click here to act.

Compelling copy is the key to converting visitors into customers. The copy makes your case. The copy shows your value. A picture might very well be worth a thousand words, but you definitely don’t need a thousand words to get a visitor to your website to take action. That picture might set the mood or offer a glimpse of what they want. But it is the well written copy which guides people down the path you want them to take – the path to being your customer.

Your most motivated customers are going to be the ones who seek you out via the search engines. Your website needs to give them every reason to go with you and not your competition. Your website copy can help attract them via the search engines and, if done well, will help them convert once they find you.

And it just so happens that I can help you do just that. After all, I am Johnny Website 🙂

I’d love to help you get more traffic and more customers.

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