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A Knack for Knowing an Audience

Hello audience!

When it comes to making your website successful, knowing your audience is the key to producing compelling copy that gets them to take action. Tough to do, but when you get it, you can get them.

I have a knack for this sort of thing which dates back well into my personal history. One example was during my senior year of high school, when I had to write a paper about an artist who inspired me. The assignment came from my humanities teacher as we were studying artists like Michelangelo and dudes like that. As I recall, we each had to choose a different artist (no repeats) probably because my teacher got bored of reading the same stuff all the time.

So I thought about it and for whatever reason, I chose not to go the “traditional route” and pick one of the most common artists as most of the rest of the class did. They mostly chose artists like Picaso, Matisse, Warhol and the like. I turned in a paper about Todd McFarlane, who, at the time, was only “famous” to people who read Spider-Man comic books (way before Spawn or all his later endeavors).

I thought he did amazing work. His art was detailed and bad-ass and totally different from anything I’d seen before. So I cranked out a paper about him and how his work inspired me. This was also pre-Internet, mind you, so I couldn’t just search for info about him. I took everything I had from my collection of Spider-Man comic books and whatever general info I could scrounge from the library to fill in the rest. It wasn’t a long paper, but I wound up giving my teacher something completely different than what everyone else gave her.

And it stood out.

Technically, it didn’t even meet the exact requirements of the assignment, but I took a shot. I was inspired to write it. I knew she knew nothing about him, but clearly, she was looking for something fresh to read.

My paper did the trick. She gave me a glowing review and a big, fat A+ to top it off.

The point is, if you know your audience has a need or even just a craving for something, then give it to them. They’ll eat it right up (and by that I mean take action to call you or buy from you or subscribe to your blog, etc.).

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