Web Consultant – Tempe, AZ

Johnny Website is your friendly neighborhood web consultant in Tempe, AZ


And as your friendly neighborhood web consultant, I should tell you that I’m here to help you with your website and online marketing needs. Here are some of the areas in which I can help you and consult you:

  • Online marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Pay per click campaign setup and management (Google AdWords, Yahoo | Bing Network)
  • Social media
  • Website content production (copy, graphics, photos, videos and more)
  • Website production (planning, writing, design, development, optimization)

It doesn’t cost you to ask!
I’ve consulted CEOs of larger local businesses; owners of various small businesses; employees who run their company websites; musicians; tech startups; local PR and marketing companies; and even other website design firms. If you just have a few questions and want to chat or if you’re planning bigger things and need some concrete advice, I’m your guy. The first one’s always free.

Online marketing veteran
No shortage of experience for this guy! I started building websites in 1999. I’ve survived the dotcom boom and bust. My sites have made it through countless Google algorithm updates. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of online marketing tactics over the years. Feel free to tap into my experience in order to help make your experience a lot better.


Save time and money
Now I’m not going to make any crazy guarantees or anything, but chances are I am going to save you time and money. One thing that comes with experience is being able to recognize very quickly when things are heading in the wrong direction. Things move quickly with websites and online marketing, so don’t go making big decisions based on outdated knowledge. I know it’s cliche, but an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. On top of all that, I run a very lean, very low overhead business which keeps my rates extremely competitive.

I’ll make sense of all those buzzwords that don’t make sense to you.
If you don’t know your SEO from your SEM or the difference between Google+ and Facebook, I can help sort all that out for you. If you know you need online marketing but have no idea where to start or how to budget for it–let me consult you. Let me be your online marketing buzzword translator.

Let’s help each other. . .locally!
I work primarily with small and medium sized local businesses in Tempe, Arizona, and elsewhere in the Phoenix metro area. While technology certainly helps close the distance gap, I have found that working face-to-face always makes for a higher quality, more productive situation. It helps me learn your business and see you in your element. That makes it easier for me to understand your brand and how you go about your work. Plus, I enjoy the perks of working locally as much as possible. Not only can we help each other grow, but we make our community more vibrant and prosperous when we do.

Give me a call or contact me today!

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