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Search engine optimization is something you know you need and Johnny Website is here to help you understand what to expect and where to start when it comes to SEO work.

If you want a definition of SEO, I suggest looking to Google’s definition. After all, most of the work of SEO is done with the goal of higher rankings in Google since it’s the largest, most used search engine. Some think that SEO is a game of trying to outsmart Google, but for most respectable businesses, the safest, most cost-effective way to attain better natural listings in Google is simply to give people (your audience) what they want: quality content.

At the end of the day, that’s what Google and the other big search engines really want, too. Of course, there are ways to help that content be optimized without risking a penalty or ban from any search engine. There are also lots of mistakes to be made based on bad or out-of-date information. Over the years, I’ve seen seemingly simple or innocent mistakes made that have cost companies a lot of lost traffic and potential business. What you don’t know can sometimes hurt you.

That’s why you want someone with experience to help with your SEO efforts. You want someone you can trust and someone who can offer you value when it comes to ethical, quality SEO work based on years of experience. You want someone who can help your business with short and long term online marketing goals. You’re not looking for empty guarantees of number one listings or bargain prices for lots of inbound links. You’ve seen the spam emails, you’ve heard the pitches. You want SEO help you can count on.

That’s why you need help from Johnny Website!

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Realistic expectations for SEO work

Understand that SEO is not a one-time effort. Too many people think that you can simply “buy” SEO and be done with it. The reality is that there are no magic bullets or secret sauce voodoo spells that can get your site ranked with a one-off effort. It takes ongoing work to keep your site and all your new content optimized for better performance in the search results. Having the pages of your website optimized one time is a good start, but it’s hardly going to help you long term. Consistent results require consistent effort.

SEO may not be exactly what you think it is.
Search engine optimization is not, in and of itself, a marketing strategy. It’s a piece in the puzzle. It’s not something you simply plug in or bolt onto your website. You don’t simply pay someone to optimize your site and then expect it to dominate in the search results. It just doesn’t work like that. SEO is not that simple, but if done well and done consistently over time, you’re going to see results.

One size fits all solutions probably won’t fit.

I don’t offer any SEO package deals or one-size-fits-all SEO solutions. I know people like those things and I’ve even tried to offer them in the past, but ironically, the one size that is supposed to fit all rarely fits properly from one project to the next. More than anything, I offer flexibility and a plan custom suited to your particular needs.

So when you work with Johnny Website, you get expertise, time and a plan. The time is the flexible part because you can buy my time in an amount that suits your needs and budget — plus we can ramp up or back from month to month as needed. It’s the most cost effective and results-oriented way I’ve found that works for my clients.

When it comes to any type of online marketing work, including search engine optimization, you don’t want a one-size-fits-all solution. You want what’s going to work for your situation. You want the right SEO solution.

And that’s what I provide because that’s what works best.

Quality SEO takes quality time.

The un-sexy truth here is that it takes good, old-fashioned hard work and a commitment to see meaningful, sustainable results from SEO and online marketing. Yes, a consistent stream of quality content should be a major component of your strategy for better, longer lasting search engine listings for your website. In fact, with a quality content marketing strategy, you are building your brand and attracting/converting more customers with useful content. The SEO is an ongoing part of that process and Johnny Website is your ally when it comes to SEO and content marketing.

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