Who is Johnny Website?

It might be hard to believe, but “Johnny Website” is not my real name. My real name is Jonathan Smith. No, seriously. It is. And that’s why +Johnny Website is my brand. I do online marketing and website production. I do SEO, content marketing, copywriting, PPC campaigns—all that stuff—and I make it all make sense for you.

Johnny Website represents my many years of experience in the online marketing and website production business. I started the company in early 2010, but my professional experience began back in 1999, on the tail end of the dotcom boom. Copywriting and SEO are the core skills that I’ve developed most over the years, but I’ve been involved in almost all aspects of online marketing and website production, not to mention project and people management.

And while I am the one-and-only Johnny Website, this is definitely not a one-man-show. I have built several key partnerships over the years with local professionals such as graphic designers, developers, as well as other SEO, marketing and PR people. It’s like having your own in-house staff without the overhead of an in-house staff.

So if you need a web guy, a writer guy, or an SEO guy, call me. I’m Johnny Website. I’m your guy.

Why I Do It

I do this work because I love it. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping you understand online marketing and the value it provides your company. Most of all, I am looking to build a long-lasting relationship that helps us grow.

My objective is to be reliable, honest and responsive. Of course I want results that improve your business. That’s why we’re here, but the relationship between us has to be solid because the work is already enough of a challenge.

At this moment, I know there are lots of companies who want you as their customer. I know many are willing to say a lot of things to make you their customer. Sometimes, they will say anything to get your attention. Some can be quite convincing.

Contrary to many of them, I never make guarantees, like a top listing in Google or any other search engine. I won’t promise you that your content will go viral. You’ll never hear me tell you that your sales will increase by some arbitrary percentage. I’ll never guarantee anything I can’t control 100%.

While I can’t control those things, the thing I can control is the way I communicate with you and the way I treat you and your business. I put to work for you the best of my experiences over the years and I give you the effort that few others will. I work to make your business my business and put myself in your shoes. I like to align my interests with yours and make your goals OUR goals.

I also have a strong customer service and management background, so managing projects and people is something I enjoy. Most importantly though, I communicate. A lot. I email detailed responses to questions and I make sure you get answers in a timely manner. And if it happens that I don’t know the answer right away, I let you know that and tell you that I’ll find out and get back to you when I know. Reliability is a Johnny Website trademark.

About the Process

You need a website or maybe you need some help with the website you have. Perhaps you need SEO or someone to write your site’s copy in a way that gets people to take action, like call you or buy from you. Maybe you need a whole content marketing strategy put in place. When it comes to websites and online marketing, you’ve come to the right guy.

So here’s how it works: When you need a [insert web-related buzzword] guy, you call (or email) me. We discuss what’s on your mind. I ask you some questions and determine your particular needs.

After that I can give you the answer to the question that I know you’re just dying to ask me:

How much will this cost me?